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The application of chemical raw materials in food industry

We eat different kinds of food everyday, different colors, different tastes, different shapes and even different functions. Then how are these generated? Here are some different examples as following:
1. Caustic soda: accurate to say that we do not add the caustic soda in food, we just use it to in the course of food-related. It is also named Sodium hydroxide, it is a kind of white flake or granular form. The caustic soda can be soluble in water and form alkaline solution, and it has the deliquescent, it is easy to absorb water vapor in the air. People usually use it in combing out the containers and the work piece process of amylum.
2. Tartaric acid: the chemical formula of the tartaric-acid is C4H6O6.The appearance of tartaric-acid is colorless crystal or white crystalline powder, odorless, and taste sour. It can be soluble in water, acetone and ethanol. It is can be used as the antioxidant in food, keep the food with a sour taste, mostly used in beverage additives.
3. Beet red: food pigments used to be divided into two types, they are synthetic pigments and natural pigments. Synthetic pigments in security have a greater controversy, but the natural pigments directly from animals, plants and microorganisms, with high safety, non-toxic side effects and efficacy of both nutrition and health. Beet red pigment is from the tuber of Chenopodiaceae, is red beet water-soluble pigment. Due to its safety, non-toxic side effects are widely used in beverage, wine, cakes and other foods, and it also can improve liver function, promote digestion and absorption role as substitute synthetic red pigment one of the best natural red pigment. With the new varieties of red beet in our country continue to promote increased acreage, red beet itself is high-volume, low price, for the production of red pigment in beets provide sufficient raw materials, coupled with the extraction conditions are relatively easy to achieve, in our conditional develop beet red pigment production. At the same time as people demand increases, we must attach importance betalain purification process improvements, and to select an ideal vehicle to stabilize the pigment research.
4. Bilberry Extract : it is a kind of brown powder extract products of Rosaceae Rubus Chingii fruits. It contains organic acids, sugars, ellagic acids and sitosterol and so on. Function of kidney and fixing sperm, used for kidney empty enuresis burning on urination and the frequency of impotence premature ejaculation ejaculation of semen leakage. Raspberry is a species of Rosaceae Rubus species of woody plants, is a kind of fruit, fruit sweet and sour taste, plant stems covered with barbs. Raspberry has many aliases, such as: Raspberry, Rubus, Raspberry, Raspberry, cranberry, Raspberry, black currant. Raspberry fruit is an aggregate fruit, red, gold and black fruit, as in Europe and the United States, in China a large distribution but less well known, a small amount of cultivated only in the northeast, relatively rare on the market. Raspberry plants can be used as medicine, have a variety of medical value, the fruit have aphrodisiac kidney function. Raspberry seed oil is unsaturated fatty acid, can promote the secretion of the hormone of prostate.