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The health functions of plant extracts

In the past, fruits and vegetables account for a large part of people's daily food eating, this way of life is characterized by abundant food and health. Later, it was realized that many fruits and vegetables with brightly colored pigment is also a very valuable nutrition.
The application of modern technology also can develop more sophisticated products. There are many kinds of pigments in nature, some of them which can serve as food coloring dye, and also can be used as a kind of important nutrient. Many of these pigments are between the yellow, orange and red.
Anthocyanins is a class of natural pigments, they are found in fruits and vegetables, making fruits and vegetables appear red to blue hue. In the industrial production, most pigments are used commonly from grapes, elderberries, bilberries and red cabbages. Anthocyanins is not only can be used as a pigment, and there are many biological activity of anthocyanin, anthocyanin from different sources have different characteristics. Anthocyanins from grape akin can reduce the risk of heart disease. Anthocyanins from elderberry have resistance of influenza virus. Anthocyanins from bilberries can have a good effect of eyesight protection, and the Bilberry Extract also have the effect.
Palm oil is the most abundant fruits of mixed carotenoids in nature, containing α, β and γ- carotene and lycopene. Many consumers have recognized the mixed carotenoids is good for human health. And at present, natural carotene has become a very common use of pigment. It can provide products with attractive yellow and orange.
Lutein is a kind of yellow pigment from Marigold, and it is also can be named as Marigold Extract . Until recently, people realized that it is a kind of antioxidant, it can fight against macular degeneration ( a disease leading to blindness in the elderly ).
Lycopene is a kind of bright red pigment, it is a strong antioxidant, and can prevent many types of cancer.
Curcumin is a kind of brown powder extracted and crystallized from turmeric. It can be widely used in cakes, candy, can carbonated drinks, pickles and other products, as it has high medical value such as reducing fever, stimulate the appetite and invigorating the spleen, ventilated and coloring. It is widely used in pharmaceutical industry. Curcumin also has inoxidizability, and has anti inflammatory properties.
Stevia sugar is a natural non-caloric high intensity sweetener, it is 300 times sweeter than sugar, but the heat of it is only one over three hundred of white sugar. It can be widely used in the food industry, it has the antiseptic effect when it used as flooded agent add soy sauce, pickles cucumbers and other sauce. It can be used as enhancer, sober agent and stomachic when it used as a beverage. It has the function with increased blood sugar, promote the body metabolism. Paprika Oleoresin is a kind of natural pigment orange - red orange from Solanaceae chili in the peel, which belongs to the xanthophyll of conjugated polyene containing oxygen derivatives. Research shows that the most important component of red pigment is capsanthin, capsorubin. When it is complete before extraction, tissue stored in pepper fruits, because there are some components within the cell membrane and cell protection and the formation of lipid, when capsicum red pigment is extracted.