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The market quotation of Plant Extract

The so-called Plant Extract is using a suitable of solvent or methods, extracted or processed from a plant ( or a part os the plant ) as raw materials, it can be used to improve health or other purposes. The main active ingredients of it are alkaloids, flavonoids, polysaccharides, glycosides, organic acids and volatile oils and so on.
Here are the common Plant Extracts:
1. Stevia: Stevia tastes like sugar, but also has the unique cool,sweet characteristics. It can be used to make the flavor of food, candy and so on. And also can be used as a flavoring agent. Restrain some odor and smell of certain foods, and also can be used instead of sugar in the pharmaceutical, manufacturing syrups,granules and pills.
2. Curcumin: Curcumin is a kind of Natural Pigments, it is a chemical composition obtained from the roots of plants extract of ginger family, Araceae. Among them, turmeric contains about 3% to 6 %, which is very rare plant kingdom has dione pigment, for the two ketones. Curcumin is orange- yellow crystalline powder, slightly bitter taste. Insoluble in water. Mainly used in food production intestinal type products , canned, sauce, stewed coloring products and other products. Medical studies have shown that Curcumin has a lipid-lowering, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, choleretic, anti- oxidation effect.
3. Lutein: Medical experiments prove that plants in the natural Lutein is an excellent antioxidant performance, add a certain amount of Lutein in food can prevent cellular aging and aging, the body organs at the same time also can prevent senile eye retina macular degeneration cause of vision loss and blindness, through a series of medical research, carotenoids have been suggested as a cancer preventive agent, life extension agent, the ulcer in preparation, a heart attack and coronary artery disease for preparation. At the same time, Lutein can also be used as feed additives in poultry egg coloring, but also has been in the food industry as a coloring and nutrition health care agent.
Marker quotation:
With the development of people’s living standards, return to nature, eating all natural ingredients of food products will become the future mainstream of consumer. At the same time, along with the development of our society and the progress of the science and technology, the stench pollution has become the most important problem that can endanger human’s health and damage the environment. In the ancient times of China, people already know gargle with green tea, in daily life ,people often use the green Chinese onion, ginger and tea to eliminate the peculiar smell in the refrigerator. Nowadays , the Plant Extract technology can be applied to environment engineering. Plant Extract, I believe, will be more and more applied in people’s life!
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