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Wide Application of Paprika Oleoresin

Paprika Oleoresin is a food coloring agent used to color foods a deep red if they are in liquid form or contain liquid fat. It is a natural food coloring that is obtained by extracting lipids, or plant fats, and pigments from sweet red peppers. As a common food colorant, it is often used in the production of sausage, seasonings, and snack foods. Since paprika itself has a lighter reddish-orange natural color, it is this with the combination of the red pepper, Capsicum annuum L. extract that gives oleoresin paprika its ability to color foods a deep red.Paprika is readily available and delivers a range of hues from light yellow to a unique dark orange. Paprika is very popular in Japan. The European Union requires labeling as a colour additive E160c if the carotenoid content is greater than 7%. Paprika is oil soluble but it is not water soluble so it must always be emulsified to be water dispersible.
Paprika is manufactured from the dried and ground sweet pepper pods of Capsicum annum. The colourings that impart the characteristic yellow to orange hue of paprika are capsanthin and capsorubin. Paprika Oleoresin is used to color oil based systems and comminuted systems. Examples of the products colored with paprika are: sausage type products, cheese sauces, gravies, condiments, salad dressings, baked goods, snacks, icings, cereals, shampoos, soaps, and lipsticks. Perhaps the most common use of oleoresin of paprika is in spice blends, where the oleoresin is used to color salt which, in turn, is mixed with spices and peppers to complete the finished spice blend.
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