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Do You Know Monascus Red

Monasus color is a kind of natural pigment made from rice and soybean as the main raw materials by method of submerged fermentation and special extraction. it is one of the edible red coloring material characteried by high color-value, unadulterated tint, stable toward light and heat, wide ph range of use, good solubility in both water and alcohol, nonoxic, convenient and easy to use.
Monascus Red is widely used in injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, plastic toys, plastic electronics, automotive plastic parts, household appliances shell, plastic bags, packaging materials..Monascus pigments (MPs) as natural food colorants have been widely utilized in food industries in the world, especially in China and Japan. Moreover, Monascus Red possess a range of biological activities, such as anti-mutagenic and anticancer properties, antimicrobial activities, potential anti-obesity activities, and so on. So, in the past two decades, more and more attention has been paid to Monascus Red.
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