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Function of Stevia Extract

The extraction of Stevia glycoside is completely a method of traditional plant extraction. First , we need to soak stevia dry leaves in the water, and then filter .What’s more ,we should separate liquid from leaf stem . Then we further purify stevia by water or food grade alcohol. Thus , a kind of natural sweet agent - stevia glycoside ,comes out . Stevia is a natural, calorie free sugar substitute.Stevia Extract, its Latin name is Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl.
Stevia extracts contain no calories. It can provide a person with diabetes more flexible choice of budget total calories, and help control weight. No matter how the intake of stevia extract, it has no effect on GI. Stevia extract can also be used for all kinds of food and beverage. When Stevia extract combines with other sweeteners, there will be a synergistic effect.
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