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Introduction to Vanillin

Vanillin is a white or yellowish crystalline compound, with a formula C8H8O3, found in vanilla beans and certain balsams and resins or produced synthetically and used in perfumes, flavorings, and pharmaceuticals. This product is a popular and valuable flavor compound and the key constituent of the natural vanilla flavor obtained from cured vanilla pods. The demand for vanilla flavoring has largely exceeded the supply of vanilla beans. But, the process of getting natural vanillin is very time-consuming and expensive. As a result, chemically synthesized vanillin has been used widely as a substitution for natural vanilla flavoring. The ice cream and chocolate industries together make up 75% of the market demand. It is also used in confections, baked goods, perfume, medicines and cleaning products.
Vanillin is an important and indispensable raw material in food additive industry, widely used in all sorts of need to increase the milk flavor seasoning food, such as cakes, cold drinks, chocolate, candy, biscuits, instant noodle and bread. It can also be used for soap, toothpaste, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastic. Vanillin application field is very wide abroad. Methyl Vanillin is used extensively for the production of pharmaceutical intermediates. It is also used for plant growth promoting agent, fungicide, lubricating oil defoaming agent, electroplating brightener and printed circuit board production conductive agent etc.
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