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Telling You About Plant Extract Suppliers

This product is extracted from the fresh aloe vera leaves, after the washing, sterilizing, and dispatching in the first step, and extracted by the modern juice extractor in the second, the extracted juice then to be decolorized and filtered. The filtered juice is separated by our machine for organic membrane at the normal temperature.
Plant Extract contains a group of flavonoids collectively called silymarin, which helps maintain healthy liver function.Plant Extract contains beneficial flavonoids and antioxidants that may promote the action of nucleolar polymerase A for increased ribosomal protein synthesis. This helps support liver cell health. Medical research does suggest that Plant Extract , combined with traditional treatment, can improve diabetes. When Plant Extract combines with other sweeteners, there will be a synergistic effect. Plant Extract can also be used in products of skin cleaning, moisture and other products such as liquid shampoo, hair conditioner, bath foam, hair waving chemical, shaving chemical, depilate chemical, etc.
Nanjing Chijing Chemical Plant Co.Ltd is a valuable professional supplier of natural colors and plant extracts series with years of exportation experience. We will offer you the best products with fine price.