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What is ethyl vanillin

The first fragrance synthesized by humans is vanillin, which was successfully synthesized by Dr. M. Harman and Dr. G. Taiman in Germany in 1874.This product is basically non-toxic.

Ethyl vanillin is a broad-spectrum fragrance. It is one of the most important synthetic fragrances in the world. It is an indispensable and important raw material in the food additive industry. Its aroma is 3-4 times that of vanillin. Ethyl vanillin has a strong aroma and lasts for a long time. It is widely used in foods, chocolates, ice creams, beverages, and daily cosmetics to enhance fragrance and scent. In addition, ethyl vanillin can also be used as a feed additive, a brightener in the electroplating industry, and an intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry.

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