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Source of lutein

Lutein is mainly found in vegetables. Although it is a carotenoid, carrot is not the best food source of lutein. The darker the color, the higher the content of lutein. Such as kale, green broccoli, spinach, asparagus, green lettuce, etc., are rich in lutein. Egg yolk is also a good lutein provider.

Lutein is a nutrient that can be absorbed by humans when they eat fruits and vegetables daily, but the absorption and utilization rate is generally low. If lutein is lacking, you can take supplements. If you have an older digestive system, you can use a sublingual spray to supplement lutein. As early as 1996, lutein has been added as a dietary supplement. In addition, excessive intake of lutein can cause an extra burden on the liver, so the recommended daily dose is approximately 12 mg.

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