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Use of gardenia yellow

Gardenia yellow pigment can inhibit the oxidation of 80% linoleic acid, so it can be used as a food processing process.Antioxidants. Its heat resistance is good, and the residual rate of pigment is above 85% at 80 °C for 120 minutes. In the visible light range (40 lun - 700 nln ), the irradiation of light is stable, and the irradiation of light in the wavelength range of 250 nm to 390 nm is unstable. Thus, gardenia yellow pigment can be used as an antioxidant and colorant in the food industry.

Gardenia yellow pigment has excellent dyeing ability for protein, starch, etc., and can be widely used in various foods such as cakes, candy, flour, beverages, jellies, biscuits, and ice cream.In addition to pigmentation, it can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry. It contains a certain amount of saffronic acid, which has high medical value, high fatigue and low blood pressure.

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