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Aloe Ferox Powder

Aloe Ferox Powder Product Name: Aloe Barbadensis Extract
CAS Number: 85507-69-3
EINECS: 287-390-8
Product Name: Aloe Ferox Powder
BOTANINCAL SOURCE: Aloe Barbadensis Miller
PROCESS SUMMARY: The yellow outflew from the ripe and fresh aloe leaves is gathered, dried and grinded into Aloe Ferox Powder.
EFFICIENCY & USES: Aloe Ferox Powder is rich in aloin, organic acid, amino acid, microelements and many other active components. It is endowed with the efficiency to loose the bowel to relieve constipation, expel toxin and so on. In addition, it is a kind of advanced industrial materials widely used in the manufacturing of health articles, drugs, sanitary accessories, etc.
product category in terms of application: Health articles and drug like tablets, capsules, oral liquid tonic, medicine to be taken after being mixed with boiling water, etc. and other health articles of does type with associative efficiency.
Operation & Caution
Safety Evaluation: It is the natural aloe vera product without any toxin or side-effect.
There used to be cases that the WL products were anaphylactic. Accordingly, it should be decrease in dosage or even suspended if there is any hypersusceptibility reaction.
Children younger than 12 years old are proposingly avoided from taking orally WL products ( beverage is not including ).
Women in pregnant period, suckling period or mensdtrual period are not allowed to take any of aloe vera WL products.
Anyone sensitive to aloe should use less or even no aloe vera WL products.
Holding & in-use conditions: The juice should be keep in warehouse of being cool, dry and ventilated. Protected from light, it should not be piled up in the open air or stored among anything noxious or peculiar smelling. It should be used as fast as possible once it is opened.
Packing specification: 5kg per aluminium foil bag, 4bags in a carton drum.
Guarantee Period: Quality guarantee for 2 year if kept in sealingly in accordance with conditions above-mentioned.
Index of Quality:
Sense Statistics:




 Tan to palm powder


Aloe bitter odour, no peculiar smell



Physical Statistics



Water  %

≤ 8.00

Aloin (mg/kg)


Hygiene Iindex



Total colony count        cfu/g


Coliform                 MPN/g


Mildew、microzyme      cfu/g


Pathogenic bacterium(salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus aureus)